Have you ever been offered a loan of interest to you without your initiative? What do you need to do and what advantages and disadvantages await you?

We usually consider credit when we need to borrow; however, it may happen that if we offer it to us, we will think about it even if we have not considered it before. There is always something to invest – and a pre-approved loan seems a good option.

Online or at a branch

Online loan

The client has two options. He either applies for a loan directly from the comfort of his home via internet banking or mobile banking, or he applies for it directly at the branch.

Simplified approval

It is enough that the client stops at the point of sale, submits the application and can have the money in his account within a few minutes. Pre-approved loans in most cases have simplified approvaland adds advantages and disadvantages to be considered.


  • speed – money is usually on your account within minutes
  • low administrative burden (eg without the need to submit receipts)
  • shortened approval process and high probability of approval
  • some offer the possibility to get them without visiting the branch (via mobile app, etc.)



  • their conditions may not always be the best for the client – it is always good to compare the offer with the competition

Look elsewhere

On the one hand, while a bank in which you have a long-term account should know you best, it does not hurt to look elsewhere. Even if the difference does not seem great at first sight, it would generate an interesting amount over a longer period of time. It is definitely worth a little effort and also to look at competing offers.

This is because your bank is based on an analysis of your bank account, which is the right and legitimate way, but does not guarantee that your competitors will not have better opportunities. And if you don’t feel comfortable comparing, contact an expert.

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