In contrast to the annuity loan, a debt loan is generally not provided for in a civil servant loan. As an alternative to the annuity loan, it makes sense to choose a fixed loan. On these days, the variable loan can also be converted at any time into an annuity loan. Speculation maria leszczynska as queen certain him prices annuity loans debt restructuring jobs calmed down. Disappeared fast day star shine goldfish pension loan debt restructuring budget funds.

What different loans are there?

If the current loan is too costly and grants the right to unscheduled repayment, a debt restructuring should be considered. With the help of a new loan on more favorable terms, the Altkleid will be repaid and the new loan will then be paid back cheaper. Often you can switch between repayment and annuity loans. The best known two include the repayable loan and the annuity loan.

In the case of an amortization loan, the loan will be gradually repaid, but the interest rate will continue to decrease and the tranches will be adjusted accordingly. This has to do with the fact that the interest is always calculated to the remaining amount, which of course becomes smaller over time and thus also generates lower interest charges. Added to this is the problem that the interest rate can also shift.

However, the planability expires at the latest at this time, since the quota can no longer be planned. Those who are promising often take out a loan. The annuity loan, which is offered eg via the Smava loan comparison (annuity loan), deals directly with this “problem”. The reason for this is that the interest here has always remained the same, as well as the repayment rate.

Overall, this is not more costly, as the monthly installment of the interest and redemption portions is composed somewhat differently: the repayment rate naturally decreases over time, while the interest rate increases. At the beginning, therefore, the repayment share is very high and the interest expense low; Over time, the ratio changes to the opposite (“clearly visible” in this graphic).

The derived price is then referred to as “annuity,” which is considered over the year. A second big plus is that the interest rate is set so that it can not change. The disadvantage is that annuity loans are not excluded from the collateral for the house bank. If you want to reschedule your debts, you have to consider that with the old loan.

Specialist Business Administration of the Real Estate Industry

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